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Calm Before the Property Storm

Storm above Ibiza Town mid summer

Property for sale in Ibiza? You bet there is!


As we steer through the very busy touristic month of August here on the White Isle, the buying and selling activity of house sales slows down considerably. Quiet, August, you serious? Yes, really. In the Ibiza property market we do see and feel an annual trend of less movements. The same ‘usual suspects’ year on year contribute to this ‘tranquil’ period. A huge percentage of the available Ibiza property stock are rented out to our very important holidaymakers thus making viewing visits very difficult and in some cases impossible. The home owners themselves are in holiday mood with many of them away from the island. Add to that the support services, such as lawyers and notary offices, many of them are closed too. Where does that leave us? Getting ready for September.

Fail to prepare then prepare to fail, a cliche yes but one which is very accurate for this very time of the Ibiza year. We ourselves have been inundated with scores of property enquiries from potentially new Ibiza property investors and second home owners. September onwards will be busy, that’s for sure. During July and August the team have been visiting new houses, taking new photos and uploading new properties into our website. These have been the frantic daily duties for some weeks now and long may it continue. It’s very nearly time to dust off the hard hats and get prepared for the Property Storm ahead…the everything ibiza team can’t wait!

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